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While we strive for fairness, equity, and amicability in our day-to-day business relationships, some disputes simply cannot be avoided. Due to misunderstandings and contradictions of goals and desires, businesses and individuals often become embroiled in complex, heated legal disputes with other parties. If you have found yourself in such a situation, you will need a civil litigation attorney in Raleigh who knows how to advance your best interests.

Especially if you are facing tough opponents, such as a large insurance company or banking system, you need our experienced attorney from Venters Law Offices to aggressively defend your rights. We can help you obtain rightful compensation for injuries, defend you against unjust accusations, and hold others accountable for their legal obligations. You can count on our tenacious spirit and determination to get you the justice you deserve.

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What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation covers a large variety of legal disputes. One of the most common areas of civil litigation involves contractual relationships, where one party breaches terms or fails to fulfill their obligations to another party. These issues include arguments made over commercial cases and employment contracts, or instances where one party violated an agreement to not compete, buy, or sell a product or service.

Other kinds of litigation disputes occur between partners and partnerships. We have seen many disputes when it comes to expanding or dissolving a business, allocating resources, and determining management methods. Partners often end up with contradictory goals, and they might even leave the business, trying to take away assets and customers in the process. Some of these disputes involve outright fraud or deceit.

A third major category is property disputes. These can involve real estate property issues, as well as disputes between businesses and individuals. Property disputes in civil litigation include any issues within a non-marital or domestic relationship.

Here are just a few examples of business-related litigation cases we handle:

  • Fraud
  • Breach of warranties
  • Employment litigation
  • Breaking contract conditions
  • Unjust or manipulative business practices
  • Spilling trade secrets
  • Non-compete covenants
  • Breaches of security
  • Dissolution or breakup of a business
  • Competitive creation of a related business
  • Mechanics’ liens

We also handle personal litigation, including personal injuries, product liability, and more.

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Here at Venters Law Offices, we know that every wasted moment regarding your case could mean lost money and opportunities. Therefore, our civil litigation lawyer in Raleigh is determined to work with diligence and urgency, working to find the most efficient solutions to your legal matter. We are ready to defend your rights and advance your best interests at a moment’s notice.

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