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Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Raleigh

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One thing is clear about our modern economy: we live in uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced countless companies to shut down and lay off workers, and both state and federal governments are struggling to provide Americans with the support they need.

For many, bankruptcy is the only way forward. However, if you are struggling with debt, bankruptcy might not be your only option. At the Venters Law Offices, we want to help you assess all options at your disposal before carefully selecting the most appropriate path. Whether you are ineligible for bankruptcy or would prefer to avoid it, our Raleigh attorney can help you find the debt-relief solution you need.

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Debt Negotiation and Workouts

One alternative to bankruptcy is negotiating directly with your creditors. The goal of negotiation may be to reduce your interest rate, lower your monthly payment by extending the terms, or even settle your debt for a lower amount and forgiving the rest. These are sometimes called debt workouts.

Debt collectors are often ready for negotiation and settlement because they stand to lose much less than if you were to file bankruptcy. If what you owe them is unsecured, Chapter 7 bankruptcy could completely eliminate your obligation to pay.

Through negotiation, you may be able to reduce or modify the following:

  • Credit card debt
  • Department store debt
  • Repossession deficiencies
  • Judgments that are several years old
  • Signature loans
  • Personal credit lines
  • Defaulted student loans from private sources

You might also be able to arrange a forbearance period, which allows you to skip a few monthly payments. The payments you skip, however, will need to be paid at a later time.

Tax Relief

If you owe tax debt, bankruptcy is not your only option. The IRS is perhaps the most intimidating creditor of all, but our attorney is certified to handle these cases, and he can help you find a solution to your tax crisis. We may be able to arrange a payment plan, submit an Offer in Compromise (the tax version of a debt settlement), and more.

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